• Under the influence of Christopher Hitchens

    Under the influence of Christopher Hitchens

    On Not Knowing the Half of It: Under the Influence of Christopher Hitchens
    Christopher Hitchens died on December 15th of 2011. In honor of the year anniversary of Hitchens’s passing, Nick Papandreou remembers his long-time friend and fellow writer. Read More…

  • Exile: Outside definition

    Exile: Outside definition

    One writer’s look at the meaning of exile in his family
    Essay for Iowa International Writing Program, 2008.
    For many years, Canada, the place where I came of age, had been my choice of homeland. When I imagined home, I imagined it there. Yet no one in our family was born in Canada. Read More…

  • Growing Up Bilingual

    Growing Up Bilingual

    Essay for collection entitled
    Pantheon Books
    Version of March, 2003

    Growing up bi-lingual meant growing up with two cultures, two opposing identities. The Greek language was, in the first case, the language of politics, meaning the speeches of my father and grandfather. Read More…

  • A week on Zakynthos

    A week on Zakynthos

    A week on Zakynthos
    The night I arrived on the island of Zakynthos for Easter the Hale-Bopp comet was still visible, racing rapidly away from earth. Just the day before, I was told, great winds had carried sands from Northern Africa to Greece and the particles lent the nightsky an eerie yellow glow. Read More…