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Book “A Crowded Heart” (Picador/St. Martins, USA.)

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Book “A Crowded Heart” – American publishing house

Book “Father Dancing” English publishing house

Through the unwavering gaze of a young boy named Alex, Nick Papandreou narrates the story of a family uprooted from their home in the United States to live in Greece in pursuit of a father’s political ambitions. A Crowded Heart is a breathtaking first novel that follows Alex and his family as they move through the dangerous world of byzantine politics and are swept up in an avalanche of revolution, military dictatorship, and ultimately, exile.

A seminal must-read and a modern Greek literature milestone for anyone wanting to understand the undercurrents in Greek politics and society, from the ’70s to today. The popular Greek film “Little Greek Godfather”, directed by Olga Malea, is based on this novel.

Author Information

Nick Papandreou was born in San Francisco in 1956, went to high school in Canada (1969-1974) where he lived with his family during the Greek dictatorship, studied economics and political science at Yale and received his Ph.D. in economics from Princeton in 1986. After Greek military service and a few years at the World Bank, he abandoned economics and took up the writing of fiction.

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