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E-book “The Kleptomnemon”

Published Date: October 11, 2015

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Princeton University and the State of New Jersey are the setting for this speculative fiction thriller. When an old man passes on his memory to his assistant, the assistant falls in love his long gone wife and slowly discovers how she was killed and who did it. A black radical forces a white racist to relive his own life in the ghetto. In no time people are creating memories in order to sell them to the highest bidder. Meet a universe, not so unlike our own, where memories are stolen and sold, a dangerous reality show where you don’t tell your story, you let others relive it directly in your mind. The eclectic collection of stolen lives – Princeton mathematicians, a French History Ph.D. with a penchant for Parisians, holocaust survivors, tired waitresses and nice old ladies with jaded pasts– gives birth to a sick netherbeing that struggles to shed its silicon chip entrapments and enter the real world, destroying lives at every step of its slow birth.

From the Author

My take on a particular version of America – and capitalism. I was inspired by Perfume – where the protagonist “steals” the smells of virgin girls before killing them – as much for the plot as for the language. In this book I try write about “memories” the way Patrick Suskind wrote about aromas. His rich and endless description of one of our five senses inspired me to write about a thief of memories, a Kleptomnemon, (Memory-Thief), a being that steals people’s pasts. My universe is today’s America, and the infinite and endlessly diverse memories contained in its vast embrace.

From the Inside Flap

Meet classics grad Frank Postlewaite who is the first to have a memory transferred into his mind and soon enough becomes both addict and expert memory thief. Ann Starks, genius computer glitch expert, brought in to discover why and how people are dying in odd ways across the state of New Jersey. Her boyfriend Foibles Monroe, Trenton Radical. Arthur Archer the inventor of the memory transfer and his ambitious protege, Richard Mudd. And then there is the odd beast that is growing off the collection of one memory after another as Mudd races to earn profits off the sales of memories. From the smorgasbord of eclectic memories is born the BigOne, trying to find a unique voice from a patchwork or sick and intense memories.


Author Information

Nick Papandreou was born in San Francisco in 1956, went to high school in Canada (1969-1974) where he lived with his family during the Greek dictatorship, studied economics and political science at Yale and received his Ph.D. in economics from Princeton in 1986. He has written nine books (fiction and non-fiction), essays and short stories, as well as the script for the movie Little Greek Godfather (2007). He is a columnist for the weekly AGORA (business newspaper) and the monthly Economic Review in Athens. He is also an advisor for business strategy. He is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative and the Brookings Global Leadership Council.

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