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E-book “Pictures of a Canadian Adolescence”

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Set in Canada with Greece in their not-distant memory, these linked stories resonate with emotional power and the inherent longing of being away from home. At turns funny and poignant, lyrical and straightforward, Nick Papandreou creates characters and situations that charm us with their wit, soul, language, and longing. By exploring what it means to abandon one place and fall guiltily and surprisingly in love with a new one, Papandreou has written not only an ode to his adolescent stomping ground of Canada, but an ode to loyalty and the places we call home. The places here are distinct, but the stories told are boundless.

Author Information

Nick Papandreou was born in San Francisco in 1956, went to high school in Canada (1969-1974) where he lived with his family during the Greek dictatorship, studied economics and political science at Yale and received his Ph.D. in economics from Princeton in 1986. After Greek military service and a few years at the World Bank, he abandoned economics and took up the writing of fiction.

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